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Secure customised access management systems

“Hutchison Technologies’ long-term involvement within the leisure industry provides us with a unique understanding of the requirements of a leisure establishment; this allows us to provide access control solutions tailor-made for the leisure industry.”
Mark Hutchison (Technical Director)

Managers and reception staff at any membership facility, whether an independent or part of a chain, are acutely aware of the vital role that effective access control management systems play in ensuring smooth entry and egress of club members. Efficient securing and validating of visitors is a major concern for the health, fitness and hospitality industries, amongst others.

Drawing on the latest technology available, Hutchison Technologies will design and install the best access management solution for your establishment. Our systems will ensure that non-paying visitors are flagged up and alert the front desk team to any issues about a particular member, for example, the fact that they might be interested in a new service, that it’s their birthday that day, or for that matter they need to pay their membership dues!

Design of access control hardware, turnstiles and barriers, has taken enormous strides forward in recent years. Bespoke access control equipment can be functional yet stylish, and can be customised to blend seamlessly into the surroundings of the most exclusive of leisure facilities.

Biometric access control

We offer a wide variety of access management solutions, including state-of-the-art access control packages activated via biometrically unique data. Our suite of access control packages include systems activated by:

Each piece of biometric data is associated exclusively with a single valid member, thereby eliminating the opportunity for revenue-sapping “membership sharing”. At the same time, the high-tech system affords each paying member fast-line entry to the facility, thus keeping both members and staff happy. Staff are released from “policing” duties and freed up for more productive pursuits, such as customer care (and resultant customer retention).

Disability Discrimination Act compliant

Our entire suite of systems is fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act so less-able patrons and staff can access facilities unaided, thereby providing equality to all.

To discuss your access management requirements with one of our specialist access management engineers, call 01382 835007 or email us at to arrange a consultation.