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Professional commissioning procedures

The objective of Hutchison Technologies’ commissioning process is to ensure that it is fully operational and complies with our client’s original brief. Our commissioning engineers work in conjunction with, but independently of, our installation teams to ensure that the design and installation of new systems match your aspirations in every way. Where necessary, the installed system will be carefully plotted on to CAD drawing showing the system “As Installed” on a building plan.

Our commissioning team are responsible for all management controls at the final stages of an on-site project, right through to system handover and staff training.

Individual specialisms

Each of our commissioning engineers is a specialist in a particular field, equipped with the necessary skills and technical equipment to test the system comprehensively to internationally recognised standards. In addition to carrying out full commissioning procedures, our commissioning engineer will show you how to operate newly installed equipment plus provide additional training as required to ensure that you are fully conversant with the new system. Site Specific Operation and Maintenance Manuals are also produced which explain how to operate and care for the new system.

Signing off the system

Newly installed systems will not be considered fully commissioned until exhaustive testing is complete, with all systems and units having met Hutchison Technologies’ stringent compliance criteria. Our commissioning engineer will also carry out strict quality control checks on the individual units which form part of the system, and will ensure that the installation meets relevant health and safety standards. All the results from commissioning tests will be stored and documented for future reference.

Only once all of the above procedures have been concluded and our commissioning team are happy that the system is operating smoothly and efficiently, will our commissioning engineer ask you to sign the system off and complete the handover of the new installation.

For more details about our professional commissioning processes, just dial 01382 835007 or send us an email at