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Infinite network flexibility through three clever design features

In the majority of companies, data cabling is one of the most critical yet under-appreciated assets. At the heart of any business lies its IT and telephone systems, whose reliability and performance depend heavily on the quality of the company’s communications cabling infrastructure.

Hutchison Technologies’ expertise in designing and installing structured cabling is renowned. Our professional data cabling engineers and technicians can create infinite network flexibility for your business, thanks to our unique state-of-the-art technology which combines:

Data cabling strategy: planning for the future

Planning ahead to accommodate higher bandwidths for voice, data, CCTV, video streaming – or indeed any future facet of technology – can prove a big headache for any company or organisation. Additions, moves or upgrades often involve bringing down and reworking your entire network, with serious implications in respect of cost, downtime and service interruption. So strategic planning for the future is crucial if you are to avoid the costly errors which often result from opting for short-term data cabling solutions.

Hutchison Technologies can take the pain out of your forward-planning by helping you to conceive a long-term strategy to facilitate your company’s future data cabling requirements. We’ll structure your data cabling system professionally so that it can handle:

Fibre optics experts

Hutchison Technologies’ highly skilled engineering team is certified to carry out CAT 5E and CAT 6 wiring. Based throughout the UK, our engineers are highly experienced in all manner of data cabling projects − so whether you require a couple of data points or as many as 2,000, we can advise you on the best long-term solutions for your particular situation.

Recent advancements in copper cabling have unleashed a huge demand for fibre optic cabling and Hutchison Technologies have led the field in this fast-moving new technological sector. Our specially trained engineers have the very latest testing equipment at their disposal, so once they’ve completed the installation process, they are also fully qualified to certify your entire data cabling system.

For details of our data cabling solutions, email or call 01382 835007 today.