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Regular maintenance for ultimate reliability

At Hutchison Technologies, our key objective after installing an audio-visual or telecommunications system in your health, fitness or hospitality facility is to provide a high quality maintenance service to keep that system fully operational 24/7. As an integral support partner, we can take full responsibility for the management of all your audio-visual and telecoms equipment, thus leaving you free to focus on running your business and delivering the high quality services that your customers expect at all times.

Range of support and maintenance services

Our maintenance and servicing contracts are extremely flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. As a client, you’ll be free to determine how much support you receive, with budgetary considerations, and the impact of downtime on your business being the two main factors to consider when deciding which level of cover best suits your situation.

Hutchison Technologies maintenance and support services include:

Technical support
Audio-visual equipment downtime can severely damage your venue’s finely tuned ambiance, detracting from client satisfaction and reducing business revenues. If you have a technical support contract with Hutchison Technologies, we’ll provide pro-active, efficient telephone support delivered by fully qualified technical staff. Individual site visits can also be arranged for clients who do not have a contract, and these will be invoiced on a call by call basis.
Fault rectification management
Our dedicated customer service team and fully computerised fault management system will ensure faults are rectified professionally and promptly, and that you are kept fully appraised of the Fault Rectification Process.
Fixed cost annual repair or replace maintenance contracts
We appreciate that managing and controlling budgets and minimising unforeseen costs is vital – hence our fixed cost annual maintenance contract with equal fixed payments spread over 12 months. Covering all call-outs, equipment repairs and replacement of faulty items, this contract allows facility staff to report a fault without worrying about the cost of the repair and whether they will exceed their monthly operating budget.

UK’s acknowledged audio-visual experts

Our maintenance and support division employs more highly trained and dedicated audio-visual and telecommunications technical specialists than any other company serving the health and fitness industry. These field technical specialists are strategically located throughout the UK and are fully equipped for on-site maintenance and repair visits.

Through carefully scheduled maintenance and servicing, we can help you provide your members with impeccably functioning audio-visual systems, thus improving client satisfaction and retention levels.

Call our sales division now on 01382 835007 to discuss your maintenance requirements or request a site visit from a Hutchison Technologies service engineer. Alternatively email our sales team at