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Excellence in telecoms engineering

Hutchison Technologies

high-tech telecommunications systems for a wide range of applications within the health, fitness and hospitality industries, amongst others. In addition we will undertake full project management, including liaison with your service provider, as required.

Finding the right telephony system: a collaborative process

An efficient, fully functional telecommunications system is essential for every business, and nowhere more so than in the health, fitness and hospitality sectors, where prompt, reliable communications are of paramount importance.

Working closely in partnership with our clients, we create telephony solutions that are 100% fit for purpose and won’t let you down. Our experienced telecoms engineers are highly qualified in all matters telephony-related, and will:

We are constantly developing our portfolio of telephony solutions to ensure we stay at the forefront of our field of technology. The telecoms solutions we offer our clients are carefully conceived to ensure they offer optimum value and maximum functionality for any given set of circumstances.

By identifying the best individual telephony solution for your company, we can save your business money by minimising line rental and call charges and also attract clients by improving their first impression of your company’s efficiency. Callers who are dealt with swiftly and efficiently, who can hear what’s being said to them and who are not “lost” in a convoluted re-routing process, are far more likely to become and remain clients.

Ensuring a smooth transfer between telecoms systems

From the moment you contact Hutchison Technologies, we will start removing the hassle factors from the process of either installing a new telephony system or upgrading your previous system. Our lead engineer will liaise with other professional contractors or service providers whom you wish to employ − such as BT, Telewest or Fujitsu, expertly coordinating operations to minimise interruption to your telecoms provision and thus reduce downtime.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the telecoms industry, we are adept at organising installations in such a way that the whole process is seamless, so you and your business derive the maximum benefits from your new telecoms system immediately. Once installation of your new system is complete, our skilled maintenance engineers will provide instructions on how to use the system and will be on hand to keep your telecommunications systems running flawlessly.

For more information about our telephony solutions, email or call 01382 835007 today.